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Welcome to Travel on Point(s), the fastest growing community of points and miles enthusiasts! Whether you’re just getting started or already earning millions of points/miles per year, ToP has the resources you need to maximize your travel! mileage! Join us to learn how to increase your rewards and travel the world for (nearly) free.

Co-Founders of Travel on Point(s)

Shortly after going on our first date, we booked a free trip (on US Airways!) to Minneapolis for the Fourth of July. Shortly thereafter, we became obsessed with collecting Southwest points to fly for free and using “the card without any blackout dates” as much as possible. Little did we know the vast world of points and miles that we were ignoring. Fast forward 4 years, to the fall of 2015, when we became serious about this hobby. By 2016, we collected almost 1 Million Points & Miles, stacked our portfolio with many keeper cards, and set ourselves up to earn the best perk in travel: the Southwest Companion Pass. In 2017, we refined our skills and booked multiple international business class trips all around the world, booked $31,000 in free travel, and earned 1.1 Million Points & Miles. Since then, we've refined our earning & burning strategies and consistently earn 3+ Million miles per year. To date, we've booked over $500,000 in free travel!!!


Rick is based in the Seattle area (home airport SEA). His love for travel started in the military and he began blogging about travel as The Saving Traveler in 2011. Rick jumped fully into points and miles in 2014.

When it comes to points and miles, Rick focuses on maximizing spending and creativity, utilizing challenges and status matches, and new card sign-up bonuses.

His favorite travel destinations include the Czech Republic and any trip that involves sporting events. Rick also loves to share travel with his kids when possible, so they can experience things he was not able to as a kid. When Rick isn’t traveling or writing about it, he is working hard in City Government.


Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and now based in Tampa, FL, Brian uses his points and miles to fly in first or business class all over the world. His first redemption was flying to Thailand in business class. 

Brian enjoys digging into award charts and exploring creative routings to discover new ways to use his points. When not traveling on points, Brian is watching baseball or going to heavy metal shows.


Shira began traveling as a child when her parents would load the family into the car and drive around the US. Although her family has always used points and miles to travel (even her grandparents!!), she entered the points and miles world herself after friends moved to England and she wanted to figure out an affordable way to visit.

Some of her favorite places she has visited include Porto, Sienna, and Ireland. When Shira is not traveling, she works as a pediatric occupational therapist in the school system and in her private feeding practice. You can also find her dancing, cooking, and exploring wineries locally as well as around the world.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann has been a miles and points fanatic since his son was born in 2011 and he had some extra time while being a stay at home dad. A few years later he turned that obsession into a career and has been covering the space for close to 6 years now. 

He is a big proponent of the quick weekend trip and all of the craziness that comes from that. His first and foremost goal, wherever he goes, is to find where the locals hang out and be a part of that experience. He likes to travel with nothing more than a rough idea of what to do and be surprised by what he finds along the way.


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