The Chase Trifecta (2022)

How do you maximize earning Chase points? That’s easy. Obtain the Chase Trifecta. CSP/CSR, the Freedom Flex and the Freedom Unlimited (or Ink Unlimited) make an almost perfect trio of cards for bonus and non-bonus spending!

How to Maximize Spending at Grocery Stores

Our spending habits may have changed during this time of social distancing, but everyone still needs to eat. If you’re like my family, you’re spending even more on groceries since all meals are now in the home. Let’s review the best credit cards to have in your wallet for food purchases. Please note that warehouse […]

Your Next Card: CSP or CSR?

Now that you are ready for a CSP versus a CSR, how do you decide which one? This is your first decision, since you cannot hold both.

What is the 5/24 Rule?

Every single blog that covers award travel discusses Chase, something called 5/24, and steers newbies towards Chase cards first. Why? The “5/24” rule is the reason behind this.

Earning Points & Miles by Paying Taxes (2022 Edition)

Nothing in life is certain, except death, taxes, and earning credit card rewards with your tax bill. You read that right: turn lemons into lemonade. If you owe federal taxes (or think you might), now is the time to open a new credit card and hit a minimum spend with that tax bill!

Review: Chase Sapphire Reserve

Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve still the card that stole the spotlight and cost Chase between 200 and 300 million dollars in initial signup bonuses? The short answer is: no. But that’s because the market has worked the last 5 years to catch up to the CSR, not because the CSR has lost value or valuable benefits.

Monthly Reminders: January 2022

With the calendar flipping to 2022, there are far less monthly credit card benefits expiring each month, which is a relief. However, there are still a lot to track. Here are a few reminders of expiring credits and/or limited-time offers to consider (and possibly complete) before February 1.

Credit Card Application Rules for Each Bank

Navigating all these different rules requires patience and long-term planning. For example, having a good 5/24 roadmap is important to maximize your points earnings with Chase cards early on. Meanwhile, it’s important to keep track of when you close any Citi cards because eligibility for sign-up bonuses for Citi cards is based on when you last opened or closed a particular card.