Fee Free 5X Ultimate Rewards With New Staples Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Staples Mastercard Gift Card Deal One of our favorite deals is returning next week! There will be a new Staples Mastercard gift card deal launching on Sunday. This is a way to rack up 5X Ultimate Rewards fee free with your Chase Ink Cash (or no longer available Chase Ink+). That is because these cards earn 5X at office […]

Free Award Searches For Bilt Rewards Members With Point.me

Bilt Rewards Free Point.me Award Searches Some interesting news came out that will be beneficial to Bilt Rewards members. Not just Bilt Mastercard cardholders either, but anyone with a Bilt Rewards app. Members can now get free Point.me award searches right in the Bilt Rewards app. For those that don’t know, Point.me is an award […]

Juice Up Your Earnings With A New Batch Of Authorized User Bonus Offers

Amex Authorized User Bonus Offers It looks like a new batch of Amex authorized user bonus offers went out over the last few days. I saw them on 3 different cards across our two accounts, and other ToP team members had them as well. I’ll go over what American Express authorized user bonuses are, why […]

Tally It Up! How I Earned $5,000 From Bank Bonuses In 2022

My Bank Bonus Results Whenever a new year comes around I always start to gather my odds and ends for my tax filings. One such thing I need to gather is the totals for on all of my bank bonuses from the previous year. Unlike credit card welcome offers, bank bonuses are considered taxable income. […]

Seattle Amex Centurion Lounge Closing Next Week Temporarily

Seattle Amex Centurion Lounge Closing I wanted to do a quick PSA post about the Seattle Amex Centurion lounge closing at the start of next week. The good news is it will only be closed temporarily. They are moving the lounge and it will now be located on the mezzanine level of the Central Terminal. […]

Nuts! How I’m Earning $840 An Hour With My Timeshare Presentation Offer

Hilton Timeshare Offer Value Even if my bags are not quite packed yet, my trip is booked! I did end up getting the wife on board to take advantage of that massive 150K Hilton Timeshare offer that ended a week or so back. After getting everything set up I figured I would share my Hilton […]