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Points & Miles Glossary

The points & miles world is filled with acronyms and abbreviations. Many of these become second nature after some time. But if you are starting out or saw a new acronym used in our Facebook group, here is a list of common abbreviations and acronyms

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What is the 5/24 Rule?

Every single blog that covers award travel discusses Chase, something called 5/24, and steers newbies towards Chase cards first. Why? The “5/24” rule is the reason behind this.

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How to Use Credit Karma

One of the first things we recommend to “newbies” is to figure out your 5/24 status.  As a reminder, your 5/24 status is a rule from Chase in that they

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Understanding Credit Scores

One of the first questions people ask when learning about award travel is whether opening many credit cards hurts your credit score. The answer is NO. In fact, opening additional credits can even help your credit score!

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