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The Chase Trifecta (2022)

How do you maximize earning Chase points? That’s easy. Obtain the Chase Trifecta. CSP/CSR, the Freedom Flex and the Freedom Unlimited (or Ink Unlimited) make an almost perfect trio of cards for bonus and non-bonus spending!

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What is the 5/24 Rule?

Every single blog that covers award travel discusses Chase, something called 5/24, and steers newbies towards Chase cards first. Why? The “5/24” rule is the reason behind this.

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Earning Points & Miles by Paying Taxes (2022 Edition)

Nothing in life is certain, except death, taxes, and earning credit card rewards with your tax bill. You read that right: turn lemons into lemonade. If you owe federal taxes (or think you might), now is the time to open a new credit card and hit a minimum spend with that tax bill!

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Southwest Airlines Companion Pass: 2022-2023

As described in a prior post, the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is the single greatest travel perk available. If you regularly fly Southwest with another person, it’s often worth planning your 5/24 applications to obtain this value perk.

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