IHG Changes to Dynamic Pricing

Last year, IHG did away with their point break offers and today we see another change from them.  While it was mentioned in 2019 that IHG was exploring dynamic points pricing, today they  further executed the plan.  Per a DoC article, IHG is introducing dynamic point pricing throughout the US and Europe (it was introduced in Asia last month).

What Does This Mean?

Now might be a really great time to book.  Occupancy and booking rates are down across the world due to decreased demand, thus point rates are quite possibly lower.  If you have an award trip already booked, it is worth taking a few minutes to check and see if it is cheaper.  For example, the Intercontinental DaNang Sun Resort had been 70K points per night.  Now it is, 40K points per night.

Similarly, the Intercontinental Berlin, which Luxury on Points reviewed here, had been 40K points per night and is now 20K per night.

However, The Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles has remained at 60K per night.

A couple of things to remember before you begin checking and rebooking.  First, just because you release your hotel room doesn't mean it will return to the “available” pool upon searching so double check to make certain that there are rooms available on points before you rebook anything.  Secondly, one of the great bonuses of booking using points with IHG is that your 4th night is free so it is definitely worth trying to take advantage.

An easy way to earn IHG points to benefit from these awesome offers is to sign up for one of their credit cards.  To help you decide if an IHG credit card is right for you, check out our review here.  With an all time high sign up bonus of 140K points, this might just be the right time [Editor's Note: as of 7/1/20 the sign-up bonus is 125,000 points].