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Using the Pei App

I am always excited about free money and that is no different with the Pei app. You’re earning cash-back for merchants that you were planning purchases anyway, usually at a 1% return. It’s nice to cash in that $25 a few times a year or even once a year. Combined with other apps, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a year!!!

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Review: IHG Rewards Club Credit Cards

Oftentimes, IHG is the forgotten major hotel chain for award travelers. Travelers, especially award travelers, think of Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt before they consider IHG. This may be a mistake!

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IHG Changes to Dynamic Pricing

Last year, IHG did away with their point break offers and today we see another change from them.  While it was mentioned in 2019 that IHG was exploring dynamic points pricing, today they  further executed the plan.

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Earning Ultimate Rewards: Can Chase Catch Up?

Chase had long been at the top of the food chain when it came to desirable credit card products and having a valuable transferable points currency. Ultimate Rewards became known for their ease of use, wealth of transfer partners, and versatility.

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Chase Sapphire Updates: May 2020

It’s really nice to see Chase make changes to the Sapphire cards to make each card more competitive during this time of staying at home and social distancing. While we’re not traveling, you can decide whether you want to use your Ultimate Rewards as cash or whether you want to stockpile them for future travel. Either way, you get tremendous value from these cards. As always, come on over to our Facebook group to discuss these changes in more detail.

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This or That: American Airlines

AA is one of two (the other being Alaska Airlines) airlines in the USA that has an international award chart but does not partner with Amex, Capital One, Chase or Citi for points transfers to its mileage program.

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New Benefits & Bonuses: Updates for Chase and Amex

Shortly after “social distancing” entered our vocabulary, we began staying at home as much as possible. Retail stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and airports were replaced with grocery stores, food delivery services and streaming entertainment.

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The Cards in My Wallet: ToP Edition

Each member of the ToP team reviewed their individual spending habits and travel goals to determine the credit cards that add maximum value to their situation. There are trends among the cards that we carry but plenty of differences too.

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Redeeming Capital One Miles for Food

Earlier in April, Capital One announced that Capital One Venture and Capital One Spark Miles cardholders could redeem their miles for takeout and delivery. In addition to food, the Venture allows redemptions for streaming services and Spark Miles for telephone service.

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