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Kaching! How to Convert Capital One Cash Back to Miles

Convert Capital One Cash Back to Miles Capital One offers a slew of cards, some of which earn cash back, and some of which earn Venture Rewards miles. We generally focus on earning points and miles here at Travel on Point(s)–but there may be one notable exception. That exception is earning Capital One cash back […]

Here’s How To Combine Hyatt Points & How Long It Can Take

Combine Hyatt Points Since I just needed to combine Hyatt points I figured it was worth writing up a quick how to guide on the process. I’ll also share how long it took for the transfer to go through this time, and in the past, so you have an idea on the expected timeframe. You […]

Is The Clock Running Out? Annual Fee Refund Rules For Each Bank

Wallet Credit Card Expedited Shipping

Annual Fee Refund Rules For Each Bank Who wants to pay unnecessary fees? No one! Many credit cards have annual fees associated with keeping the account open. Upon renewal of your card membership – each year an annual fee will be charged to your card account. Once you start to delve further into Travel on […]


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