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Fly to Europe for Dirt Cheap with the Latest Flying Blue Promo Awards

Flying Blue Promo Awards Award travelers love cheap flights. For most of us, cheap flights is what lead us to find award travel blogs, groups, and resources to learn more and up our game. The next step is the never-ending search for saver award flights and the desire to travel as you wish for the […]

Bilt Rent Day: Double Points & Other Goodies To Kick Off The Month

Bilt Rent Day Late last year Bilt Rewards came out with a new idea to reward and entice Bilt Mastercard card holders called Bilt Rent Day. If you are not a cardholder have no fear, they also throw in a few goodies for you too. This, plus the addition of free searches for Bilt […]

One Card to Rule Them All: ToP Launches Co-Branded Travel Debit Card

Travel on Points Debit Card Due to the overwhelming growth of the ToP Facebook group and our blog, financial institutions, travel media outlets, airlines, hotels, and wanna-be influencers have come out of the woodwork to find us. To that end, in an announcement I never expected to ever declare, we are so excited to announce […]


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