Travel on Point(s)

A Great Flying Blue Change For Promo Award Bookings

Cancel Flying Blue Promo Awards Flying blue promo awards just got more lucrative, or user friendly at least. In the award travel space, flexibility is paramount and equates to value. Being able to change or cancel your flight helps create value from your points and miles, since you can string together award bookings and pivot […]

Decisions, Decisions: 6 Keys To Choosing Where to Travel on Point(s)

Choosing a Travel Destination

Picking A Travel Destination For Award Travel There is no doubt that picking a destination for award travel can be daunting. Planning a trip fueled by points and miles is akin to opening Pandora’s Box. The possibilities are endless, but it can be an all consuming task trying to determine where to go. Point and […]

Enjoying the Simple Life at the Andaz Papagayo

Andaz Papagayo Review Culebra Bay in Costa Rica is a playground for water activities, filled with sail boats, speedboats, jetskis, kayaks, etc. From the water, passersby might suspect that a resort sits against one of the hills facing the water. But they don’t get to see the several pools, restaurants, and other amenities that the […]


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