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Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card Review: A Great Everyday Option

Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card Review The Quidget_Ink_Unlimited is a great no annual fee, cash back earning card with Ultimate Rewards earning potential (more on that in a bit).  The card is very similar to the personal version, the Chase Freedom® Unlimited.  As a business card, the Ink Unlimited requires you to have a business […]

Best Ever 75K Alaska Airlines Business Card Offer

75K Alaska Airlines Business Card Offer There is a new, best ever, 75K Alaska Airlines business card offer that may be of interest to many out there. Alaska Airlines offers up some of the most valuable miles on the market, which are hard to acquire since they are not a major transfer partner with the […]

US Bank Just Told Bank Of America Payments, Hold My Beer

US Bank Business Payment Issues Wow, I mean … WOW! I didn’t think it was possible to find a bill payment system worse than Bank of America’s. Which, to be fair, has gotten better since I found this work around. It is just too bad that the fix doesn’t work for everyone. I figured that […]

How Long Do Amex Authorized User Bonuses Take To Post?

How Long Do Amex Authorized User Bonuses Take To Post I know it is a question we get from time to time in the ToP Facebook Group, how long do Amex authorized user bonuses take to post? Especially lately with Amex taking longer than usual to post all things. I have a theory on that, […]

Chase Aeroplan® Credit Card Review: Is It Flying Under The Radar?

If you enjoy premium cabins, especially to Europe or other destinations where Aeroplan has widespread premium cabin availability and decent prices, this card is for you. For most, this card is worthy of a 5/24 spot and it will jump up near the ToP of our airline credit cards. 


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