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Get Your Hocus Pocus On: Wide Open Award Space For Salem Hotel In October

Salem Hampton Inn Award Space I don’t know if anyone cares about this besides my family but I thought it was worth raising the alarm just in case. I have been stalking Salem Hampton Inn award space for next October for a few weeks now. Why? Because it is the best place for Halloween lovers. […]

Which Business Cards Count Against Chase 5/24 & Which Don’t?

Business Cards That Don’t Count Against Chase 5/24 When members of our Facebook group ask for advice on what card to get next, we usually respond with “what is your 5/24?” We also ask whether you are eligible for business cards. The number one reason we ask about and recommend business cards is to help […]

Office Depot / Office Max $15 Off $300+ Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Office Depot Mastercard Gift Card Deal One of our favorite deals is back next week! There is a new Office Depot Mastercard gift card deal (and Office Max) that launches on Sunday. This is a way to rack up 5X Ultimate Rewards fee free with your Chase Ink Cash (or no longer available Chase Ink+). That is because these […]


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