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Frontier Airlines’ Latest Promotion Had Me Cracking Up

Frontier Student Loan Mile Match I am going to have some fun here with the Frontier student loan mile match promotion they have going on for a few more days. On its face, it seems like a really cool and inventive promotion. The funny bit is found in their terms though. Frontier Student Loan Mile […]

Get Up To 10% Off Southwest With New Chase Offer

Southwest Chase Offer Amex Offers gets a lot of the hype but Chase Offers have been creepin on ah come up (bonus points to those of you that get that reference). They have greatly improved their offers over the last few years and really started to hit their stride at the end of last year. […]

Old vs New: The Southwest Companion Pass Discussion

Southwest Companion Pass Discussion Yesterday I shared an article that it was now go time for the 120K Southwest Business Premier card if you wanted the offer, and were chasing the Companion Pass. Some people wondered if sticking with the old tried and true Companion Pass way was better. The old way would be waiting […]


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