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In the award travel world, you hear a lot about aspirational travel. The best business class products, the best first class service, the most comfortable way to get to Asia.

But that isn't always the way you need or want to travel.

Booking award flights in economy or premium economy usually opens up a whole lot more options. Award seat availability increases and the cost to book is significantly less.

Whether you're saving some of your points for the next trip, you have set dates you need to go, or it's a shorter flight where comfort doesn't matter that much, booking your award flights in Economy or Premium Economy might be the way you want to go.

What to EXPECT

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Our team combines for decades of experience searching for award flights and we're excited to put that experience to work for you, whether you are looking for a premium cabin experience or you are happy to fly in the back of the plane.

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After completing your search and sending you your results, our Award Booking Team will provide you with everything you need to know to book your flights.

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The chart below shows our economy and premium economy search pricing. Prices on the chart are for round-trip flights originating within the United States and Canada, or with a destination within the United States and Canada. One-way flights will be priced at half of the round-trip price. Prices are per person and additive as the number of passengers is increased.

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If you are looking to book any other types of flights, including stopovers, open jaws, round-the-world, multi-city, or other origin and destination location pairs, please submit a pricing request through our Complex Itineraries page.

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By completing the request form and submitting your payment, you are agreeing to our Award Booking Terms.

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If you are ready to proceed with your Award Booking search request, please choose one of the four regions below, complete the form in full, and make your payment. If you encounter any problems when entering your request, this most likely means it is considered to be a Complex Booking. Please switch to that page and complete a pricing request. 

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We will make every attempt to find available award seats in your preferred class of service. However, if the only available seats for one or more flight segments is in a different economy class of service, we may present that as an option to you as well.

If this doesn't sound like the type of help you're looking for, or if you think you need more general assistance rather than

looking for specific flights on specific dates, you may want to check out our personalized 1-on-1 Consultations.

Please select the appropriate region for your booking request from the four options below. The region selected should be your destination if you are leaving from the United States or Canada, or your origin if you are traveling to the United States or Canada.

You can use the map above for reference in determining the appropriate region for your request.

Award Booking Service TERMS

  • Pricing for our ToP Award Booking Service varies depending on several factors. These include the desired class of service, the number of passengers traveling, and the destination region for the booking.
  • General pricing for award booking requests ranges from $75 to $200 for the first passenger, with additional passengers incurring additional charges. 
  • The final pricing for your booking request, according to the details you select, will be shown on the following pages, prior to payment.
  • All prices shown on our Award Booking Charts are for round-trip flights. One-way requests are priced at half of the round-trip price shown.
  • Complicated bookings, including stopovers and multi-city trips, are priced individually. Feel free to submit your request inquiry and we will get back to you with pricing and payment information.
  • All booking requests include a non-refundable search fee of $100, or 50% of the total paid, whichever is less. If we do not find ANY availability meeting your criteria, we refund you the full amount paid minus the non-refundable search fee. Please note that we will not issue a refund if the results we provide fit the criteria you provided us, but the itineraries are simply something you don't want to fly or an itinerary you don't want to book.
  • Once a booking request has been submitted and payment has been made, you will be contacted within one business day for any necessary clarification or additional details. Results of your search request will be sent within five business days, once clarification of the request has been completed.
  • Once your search results have been sent, we are available for 24 hours to answer any questions you may have regarding booking your award flights.
  • We recommend booking your award flights as soon as possible after receiving your search results. Award flight availability is constantly changing and we are not responsible if you delay booking and the space is no longer available.


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