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Award Booking Service

Complex Itineraries:
stopovers, multi-city, and more

Our basic Award Booking Service covers one-way and round-trip flights, which is great if you're planning a fairly simple trip.

But sometimes, life gets a little more complex. 

Maybe you have a bit more time on your hands and you want to have an extended trip that lets you visit multiple places.

Perhaps you have limited time but you can still squeeze in a couple of nights at one extra spot on your way home.

It might be time for that round-the-world adventure you've been dreaming of for years.

Whatever you're looking to book with your miles and points, we're here to help!

What to EXPECT

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Although the standard pricing for our Award Booking Service only includes one-way and round-trip flights, the itineraries that we book for ourselves are often far more complex. That's great for you, because it means that the Travel on Point(s) Team has plenty of experience with booking all different types of trips.

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We're happy to take all of that experience, including everything we've learned, and put it to work for you, designing the exact itinerary that you are looking to book.

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Pricing for complex bookings varies based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the type of itinerary, how many additional flights are needed, class of service desired, number of passengers, and destination regions. Prices begin in the $150 -$200 range and go up from there. The price for your specific itinerary will be provided prior to payment.

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We hope to gather as much information as possible with the following form. If there is anything you think that we need to know that is not already included, please be sure to add that information in the Additional Information box before submitting.

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Once you have submitted your request below, we will get back to you within two business days for any necessary clarification, with pricing for your itinerary, and with a link for payment. If you want to proceed, simply make your payment and we will get to work on your request. 

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For complex itineraries, it is even more important to be ready to book as soon as you receive your search results from us. Because these itineraries often involve more flights, there is more opportunity for award space to disappear if you delay for too long. 

If this doesn't sound like the type of help you're looking for, or if you think you need more general assistance rather than

looking for specific flights on specific dates, you may want to check out our personalized 1-on-1 Consultations.

Award Booking Service TERMS

  • Pricing for our ToP Award Booking Service varies, depending on several factors. These include the desired class of service, the number of passengers traveling, the destination region for the booking, and the number of flights needed.
  • Complicated bookings, including stopovers and multi-city trips, are priced individually. Feel free to submit your pricing request inquiry and we will get back to you with a quote and payment information.
  • Once you have your price quote, you may choose to make a payment to proceed with your booking request.
  • All booking requests include a non-refundable $100 search fee, or the amount paid, whichever is less. If we do not find ANY availability meeting your criteria, we refund you the full amount paid minus the $100 search fee. Please note that we will not issue a refund if the results we provide fit the criteria you provided us, but the itineraries are simply something you don't want to fly or an itinerary you don't want to book.
  • Once a booking request has been submitted and payment has been made, you will be contacted within one business day for any necessary clarification or additional details. Results of your search request will be sent within five business days, once clarification of the request has been completed.
  • Once your search results have been sent, we are available for 24 hours to answer any questions you may have regarding booking your award flights.
  • We recommend booking your award flights as soon as possible after receiving your search results. Award flight availability is constantly changing and we are not responsible if you delay booking and the space is no longer available.


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