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Buyer Beware! Potential Issues With Hilton Gift Cards

Hilton Gift Card Issues Over the last few weeks / months we have seen quite a few posts in the ToP Facebook Group about Hilton gift card issues. It came to a head the other day with another post by Ess C in the group. There were multiple data points shared, on that thread alone, […]

Coming Soon: Higher Application Fees for Trusted Traveler Programs like Global Entry

Trusted Traveler Price Increases The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced a fee change across its different Trusted Traveler Programs. Effective October 1, 2024, the fee to enroll in each of the NEXUS, Global Entry, and SENTRI programs will increase to $120. Below we share the details about the recently announced trusted traveler price […]

Southwest Jacks Up The Maximum Charge For Early Bird & Upgraded Boarding

Southwest Early Bird The Southwest early bird & upgraded boarding fee has a higher cap now, a much higher cap. It seems like Southwest has continued to rachet the cost for these optional fees over the last few years. While they started out as a reasonable additional cost, they can now cost you upwards of […]


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