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Now Is The Time For Rational Thought With Referral 1099s

What To Do With Referral 1099s The ToP Facebook group is on fire with questions about what to do with referral 1099s. I wrote about this earlier in the week, that banks were sending out 1099s for referral bonus points. This is because the points earned from refer a friend bonuses are not from spending. […]

Best Ways to Use Aeroplan Points (My Favorite Program!)

Best Use for Aeroplan Points Air Canada Aeroplan is one of our favorite programs here at ToP. Reasons include a great variety in partner airlines, ease of use, numerous bank transfer partners, and generous routing rules. With this in mind, I figured it would be fun to share what many of us find to be the best […]

How To Find Your Bank Of America Credit Trackers Online

Bank of America Credit Trackers The other day I shared what may be the best card for Priority Pass memberships out there, and no one is talking about it! That isn’t the first time I have brought the Bank of America Premium Rewards Elite card to your attention. I tried to show you how powerful […]


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